Loving Miss Daisy

After discovering a 200-year-old statistic stating that “more than one million tons of textiles were thrown away each year with most coming from household sources,” Laura Bradley and her mother Terri decided to combine their love of the environment and recycled fashion to open online vintage store Love Miss Daisy. It was a smart move that has brought Love Miss Daisy to the attention of all who want to support recycled clothing instead of throw-away fashion.

“I’ve always loved scouting vintage stores and getting one-off items—and what with all the low priced, yet not great quality clothes on the High Street, contrasting with amazingly expensive designer clothes, it turns out that so many girls find themselves wearing the same Primark top or not being able to afford the latest catwalk designer item,” said Bradley. With five decades of labels and fashion knowledge between them, the duo has worked for nine months to find the best of vintage from Europe, America and the United Kingdom in time for the website to go live.

The site already has an expansive following due to the genuine, detailed descriptions of the clothes and categories browsing options including wedding dresses, costume and designer vintage. A section that matches seasonal trends with past designs has become the signature of Love Miss Daisy, ensuring buyers stay en vogue without the risk of wearing the same party dress as anyone else. With alteration recommendations that are the same as those used by Stella McCartney and Dior, Love Miss Daisy knows good vintage fashion, and how to keep it currently cool.

—Retna Wooler

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