Marie-Louise Von Haselberg

A trained illustrator, Marie-Louise Von Haselberg got her start in fashion after launching her own window design business in London. With clients from Tiffany & Co to Garrards, Butler & Wilson and Stuart Weitzman in New York, it was clear early on that she was destined for success in the aesthetic industry. Von Haselberg later transitioned into costume design for films, TV and opera, before dabbling into a more foreign field by designing a bar at the onset of the DJ bar scene. Falling quite happily into fashion, she has since worked for publications such as Sunday Times Style, French Gloss, Vanity Fair and spent several years as a contributing fashion editor at the Financial Times, before becoming the editor-in-chief of Glass Magazine Online.

What’s hot right now?
Family: the specially chosen, inspirational, invigorating and integral personalities that you hold dear. Creative community: a pooling of resources. Our own talent: passion and ability must be celebrated, but collaboration only makes us stronger. As individuals we can be great, together we are magnificent.

What will be the biggest trends in fashion in 2010?
Romanticism. In uncertain economic and political times we reach for the familiar, the comforting and the pure. From Milkmaids at Chanel to billowing ruffles at Chloé, femininity is back as an antithesis to the fashion capitalist shoulders that have been in abundance for so many seasons.

Who are your favorite designers?
Charles James for his construction and manical desire for perfection. Yves Saint Laurent for his liberation of women with “Le Smoking.” John Galliano for his fashion alchemy. Rick Owens for his gothic sensuality and because he makes me look good!

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