Maryam Keyhani Redefines the Statement Necklace

Maryam Keyhani (Eirene necklace)Maryam Keyhani‘s necklaces are unlike any jewelry you’ve ever seen before. Tending to define an outfit (and wearer) rather than the other way around, her pieces feature vintage and antique flourishes in modern, even sculptural arrangements that bring together an eclectic array of stories. These are designs for confident statement-makers who have an eye for individualism and artistry rather than bare minimum accessorizing.

Born in Iran, educated in Florence and now based in Toronto, Keyhani’s unique designs are Maryam Keyhani (Persephone necklace)arguably a reflection of her worldly sensibilities, but her artistic range actually runs much deeper. The daughter of a gallery artist, Keyhani is also a sculptor, illustrator and one-time fashion PR rep, all of which informs her conceptual approach and business savvy. “Process plays a huge deal in my work,” she explains. “Designing is only a small part of the process. I often start with many, many drawings and the challenge then becomes executing these ideas into reality. It’s a wonderful feeling to see a sketch come alive.”

Maryam Keyhani (Seshata necklace)Though Keyhani admits to finding inspiration in living icons as well as fictional characters—one recent muse was Tilda Swinton’s character in I Am Love—she also understands that her statement-making pieces command their own autonomy. “The necklaces are strong,” she admits, “so women who wear them give them a life of their own. It is not for me to say, as after I design them they are no longer mine. They will take on a new life based on the personality of the women wearing them.”

With buyers, editors and publications fawning over Keyhani’s recent collection in Paris, we’re looking forward to more originality in the accessories arena thanks to her pioneering, artisanal eye.

Additional reporting by Retna Wooller

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