Masters at Werkstatt In Bed with Rubin Chappelle, Seriously.

Five years ago, shortly after Rubin Chapelle began producing clothes from a studio apartment in New York, Allure creative director Polly Mellon heralded the arrival of the next Jil Sander. But after their first wave of media attention, the Austrian Sonya Rubin and her boyfriend Kip Chapelle withdrew from the spotlight to focus on developing their line — women clothes with mildly asymmetrical silhouettes, a certain sculptural fluidity, and what the New York Times has described as "a chilled sex appeal." Since then they’ve streamlined their production, steadily increased the size of their following, and secured placement in some of the country best stores. Now they’re returning to visibility, beginning with a sprawling boutique that just opened this fall in the meat-packing district.

See Surface Magazine Issue 37 for full story
Photo credit: Markus Wilhelm

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