Momofuku, Launch My Line, Number (N)ine, Poverty At Urban Zen

I got back to New York on Sunday and braved the torrential downpour to satisfy my craving for Momofuku’s chicken ramen. It’s the best in town and the perfect Sunday afternoon comfort food. Sunday is also a good day to catch up on the TV shows you missed during the week. And while I don’t own a TV, I can always rely on my friend Chuck Amos to have reality shows and interesting documentaries cued up.

Launch My Line is the latest reality fashion show on Bravo. A few episodes had aired but I hadn’t had a chance to peep it. The cast is filled with familiar faces. Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared are the hosts, Patrick McDonald and Roberto are contestants and Stefani Greenfield is one of the judges. The show is entertaining enough and doesn’t far from the Project Runway formula of creating clothes under pressure cooker conditions. So why watch this and not Project Runway? This is question Bravo is surely trying to answer.
I hit the ground running on Monday.

With only a short time in town before returning to LA on Thursday, it was all about face time meetings. I met up with Roger Joseph and Nancy McDonnell, two former colleagues at and old friends for some catching up and trading industry news over lunch at Delicatessen on Lafayette Street. Fittingly we ran into Anne Watson, formerly of Henri Bendel’s. I then met up with Andy Salzer, formerly (yes there’s a lot of formerly these days) of Yoko Devereaux at Emilio Ballatto for a long overdue catch up. I’ve known Andy for over a decade but with living out of the country for the most of those years we haven’t been so current with each other. Lunch was a raucous chitchat filled with loads of laughs.

The word is out that Number (N)ine will be closing its doors in January so I’ve been plotting how to get my hands on as many multi-pocketed sweatshirts and pants as possible. I scooped up a few before my trip to St. Barth but still not satisfied, I met up with a couple of my clients later on that day to buy some more pieces. They also wanted to get in on the act and score some goodies for their own wardrobe. We purchased ten articles of clothing between us and then it was time to less materialistic pursuits.

Donna Karan, Hugh Jackson and his wife Deborah Furness invited us to attend a talk on Global Poverty Project at Urban Zen. We said hello to Calvin Klein on the way in where other bold-faced names such as actor Joel Grey and photographer Russell James were in attendance. After a serious digest of facts on global proverty(1.4 billion people living in extreme proverty on less than $1.25 a day), we capped off the night with a quick dash over to Momofuku for another fix of chicken ramen.

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