Mondette Retail Find: Stylehaüs

stylehausSometimes the most creative ideas are born during the most challenging of times. This is most certainly the case with Marina Monroe’s Stylehaüs, which opened its doors this past Friday and offers a radical new approach to shopping. What could be mistaken for just another posh boutique at Melrose Place, is actually a highly personalized stylist service. Stylehaüs is a members-only affair aimed at providing clients with honest, educated fashion advice while helping to build a wardrobe that suits their lifestyle, body type and taste.

stylehausEach Stylehaüs client first must complete a detailed online application with information on their lifestyle, favorite designers, fashion budget, sizing, etc., as well as pay a $1000 yearly annual fee. This screening process ensures personalized attention to detail as well as assurance that stylists are more focused on their clients’ interests than on selling a given piece.

The core of Stylehaüs is the private shopping experience. Members call in to book an appointment and specify what they’re looking for—whether it’s a season staple or for a specific event. Upon arrival at the store, a personal stylist has pulled a wide variety of pieces in the client’s size from high-fashion to contemporary collections, from hard-to-find emerging designers to recommendations by an in-store vintage specialist.

stylehausTo help the clients build a solid and fashion-forward wardrobe, Stylehaüs’ team of buyers work hard to inform individuals about upcoming seasons’ must-haves and additionally provide the opportunity to pre-order items. During each bi-annual wardrobe consultation, a Stylehaüs stylist visits a member’s home to evaluate what’s missing, what’s working and how to interpret the existing clothes in a contemporary manner. And to complete Stylehaüs’ well-rounded offerings, pulls can be sent all over the world upon demand (if there’s a dressing emergency on vacation, for example) and a make-up artist is on staff to travel as well.

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