Mondette Retail Watch: Cerre’s New Flagship Store

CerreCerre has just opened its doors to a new flagship store at 8920 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Founded in 2008 by French husband and wife team Flavie and Clayton Webster, the brand is known for extremely high quality leather goods and strictly modern designs—a market that will be well-received in its tony new neighborhood. And with Maxfield right down the street, the label has placed itself in the perfect environment for drawing like-minded consumers through its luxury doors.

CerreCerre evolved from bags into apparel in 2009, gradually encompassing knits, silks and a small selection of jersey basics as well as leather cuffs and handbraided leather belts too. The new shop’s light, open space houses this entire range of goods, and enables Flavie and Clayton to enjoy a more flexible and immediate interaction with their customers. “We design continuously throughout the year and are adding new designs monthly,” Flavie explains. “When a particular piece sells out, it is more interesting to replace it with something different. [But] every piece that hangs in the store can be adjusted according to a client’s specifications.”

CerreAlthough Cerre’s color palette is traditionally reduced to black (with some white and taupe), this season introduces a deep navy to the mix, with possible new colors to come. Stand-outs of the current collection include an A-line mini dress made out of such a delicate, soft leather that it drapes on the body like silk, a leather blouse made out of the same material and Cerre’s interpretation of a biker jacket in the aforementioned taupe.