There is no greater proof that opposites attract than the success of
Danish jewelry company MONIES. Created by husband and wife pair Gerda and Nikolai Monies, the couple designs pieces that transform the ancient into the modern, combining masculine austerity with organic femininity. The Danish duo make each MONIES piece by hand, and are inspired by each other as well as the million-year-old stones and materials used in their work.

MONIES has expanded over the last three decades, and now hopes to soon open
stores in London and New York. One of their biggest influences is the up and coming Danish art scene, which leads them to create jewelry using diverse materials such as mammoth, genuine pearls, semi-precious stones, leather and 24-carat gold. The designers refer to their pieces as “recreated history,” bringing the past into the present.

Fit stylish women who don’t fit into just one category, MONIES pieces are at once both traditional and modern.

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—Grace Edinger

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