Monkey Bar, A Single Man, Resting Up For Brazil

I was told that Monkey Bar is a ghost town during lunchtime. ‘It’s nothing like the Four Seasons or Le Cirque 2000’ my lunch date promised, ‘it’s perfect for a lunch where you can talk,’ she said confidently. But when I turned up for lunch there last Thursday, the restaurant was overflowing with lunchtime diners and it was noisy. Uber publicist Peggy Seigal was the first one I saw at the entrance and I later found out that her efforts have much to do with the new pumping environment. The food was unremarkable and the crowd was mainly stodgily dressed, middle aged white men and women but I can see the appeal of the semi-circular room that’s ideal for people watching. I spotted a couple Vanity Fair writers and Graydon Carter came over to our table to greet one of my tablemates and apologized for the noise level.

Segueing into my viewing of Tom Ford’s A Single Man seems appropriate, as it’s the quintessential Vanity Fair type movie. As you’d expect, it’s heavily stylized. Tom Ford’s eye for every detail was on full display but luckily, the styling faded to the background soon into to the film to reveal a touching love story with Colin Firth’s character at the center of it. He looked dapper throughout the film and touchingly played a suicidal “widower” who recently lost his lover in a car accident. I guess Tom Ford has silenced his critics who pooh pooh his foray into filmmaking, especially since Firth scored a best actor Golden Globes nomination.

I’m trying to see all the key films before Oscars time. Im not a huge fan of the Sci-fi genre but Avatar is said to be a game-changing movie viewing experience. I was invited to a screening before I left New York but declined instead to return to Los Angeles before the huge snowstorm pummeled the East Coast this weekend. I will see Avatar over the holidays but my big wish for is to stay put, volunteer on Christmas day and rest up for my heavy travel that begins early January with an extended trip to Brazil.

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