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Nailing The Art of Cool

Jason Campbell

Nail art has emerged as a full-blown trend. And serving the movement are the environments that dispense these small treasures to fans from Shibuya (where the movement started) to West Hollywood, the location for Candy Paint, a newly opened nail art and jewelry concept boutique.

Alongside the exploding list of trendy nail art salons, including Williamsburg’s Primp & Polish and Chicago’s Mojo Spa, Candy Paint is a slick modern emporium for not-so-run of the mill bi-monthly manicures. Decorated in gold foil decals with fluorescent angle wing lighting, tall white ceilings and a loft-like space, the shop caters to obsessive hipster girls popping by for their “pastel pantera” and “been around the world” nail wraps or Swarovski crystals and studs. The Melody Ehsani jewelry store, meanwhile, presents a range of blindingly cool plastic jewelry to peruse before entering the expansive nail bar.

nailBorn from the artistic inspiration of blogger Aureta Thomollari, jewelry designer Melody Ehsani and nail art superstar Yoko Sakakura, Candy Paint sits in a little cluster of stores at the edge of Fairfax and Melrose. Perched beside Supreme and The Hundreds, the boutique is the ideal location for clued-in girls and celebrities who already frequent the neighborhood. “My hope is that customers who come here are inspired and reminded of who they are,” says Thomollari of the concept

To further cement Candy Paint as a destination for the best nail art, Kandi Banks, an obsessively followed nail artist and blogger, is now at the boutique bringing it to the attention of her legions of followers and clients. Coming up next from Thomollari is a much-needed members-only space set nail_001to open later this year in Los Angeles.

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