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Neil Cooper

Neil-CooperBorn in the UK and raised internationally (including a stint on the most remote inhabited island in the world), Neil Cooper eventually settled down to study fashion management in London. After a decade-long career managing image makers across fashion and art—during which time he worked with artists including Terry Richardson and David Sims—Cooper launched Cadence to represent the emerging generation of photographer-directors. Cadence is now firmly established as the leading agency for high fashion and advertising stills/motion artists.

What’s hot right now?
I’m really enjoying the post—dustup electronica around at the moment, some very interesting producers like Husdon Mohawke, Jai Paul and Silkie. It feels fresh but references some of the electronic of my teenage years. A way of feeling comfortably current and retro simultaneously. A few bits of hip-hop—like Stalley, that track “Pound” especially. Also playing a lot of ’50s calypso like the mighty Sparrow. I’m obsessed with the NorthFork table and Inn in Southold—incredible modern/American/farm cuisine

What trend should we watch in the fashion/digital space?
This year and into next, I see a gradual but swift reappraisal of fashion advertising strategy. Print will always exist, but the way media is consumed has fundamentally changed, and the way brands reach their consumers has changed in response. Motion and stills content will merge as the consumer becomes more attuned to moving content on digital platforms, and thus print’s role will change. Hybrid stills and motion—not quite a film, not quite a still—will also become more prevalent. Fashion film (although I hate the term) will begin to excel and become way more important. I liken these times to the early days of MTV, when the platform suddenly existed and consumers wanted to “watch” music, but the content was not yet good and the medium not yet defined. For fashion film, we have almost the exact same situation with tablets and the internet as the new platform, but it’s as yet not a defined medium. As more time, money and expertise is invested in the dual and moving content, the medium will take shape and new leaders of this new creative paradigm will emerge. Truly the most interesting time in the industry during my time. It’s all to play for.

What’s on your fall fashion wish list?
Crockatt and Jones boots, Loro Piana cashmere and predictably Greenfield tailoring.

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