New Designer Spotlight: Birds Boxers Don’t Forget The Bees

Women’s lingerie has always been intricate and detailed, but what about men’s undergarments? Birds Boxers has filled the luxury mens underwear niche with covetable designs in comfortable fits.

“We came up with the idea of Birds Boxers because we could not name a single company that made the best boxers shorts in the world, so we turned it into our goal,” explains Megan Papay, who launched the line with her husband Michael in 2006. “We knew we wanted the company to be a luxury one and to focus on one product and make it the best.”

Thanks to details such as mother-of-pearl buttons from Italy and high quality fabrics, Birds Boxers are at once timelessly stylish and extremely comfortable. The custom fit is an old school model with three buttons in the front, a smooth fitted waistband and hardly any elastic—apart from one at the back that gives the boxers a proper fit. “A lot of gentlemen are recognizing them and they say: ‘Wow, I haven’t seen these boxers in 25 years!’” Megan proudly notes.

Produced in only two fits—the classic and the custom—the pieces are made from a remarkable Peruvian cotton. “The highest quality of fiber was always very important to us,” Papay insists, explaining that the material is both strong and soft, but becomes gradually softer with each wash.

As for the future of the brand, Papay says: “We want to perfect the boxers first, but pajamas will be the next goal.”

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—Camilla Canocchi