New York: Chanel Mobile Art Sneak Peak…

Yesterday morning, we got a sneak preview of Chanel Mobile Art in New York’s Central Park, the third stop on the contemporary art exhibition’s tour, after a debut in Hong Kong and showing in Tokyo. Zaha Hadid’s collapsible architectural container was a giant art installation within itself. The structure, which looks like a white UFO, is composed of 700 pieces and took four weeks to assemble. Don’t expect to zoom through the show — visitors are recommended to follow along with the audio guide, which is narrated with French film icon Jeanne Moreau’s raspy Mademoiselle Chanel-esque voice and sprinkled with ambient sounds.

Highlights from the exhibition include a moody video installation titled Le Trottoir by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich, an impressive sculpture installation and mirrored room by Korean artist Lee Bul, and a giant fur-lined 2.55 bag by Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury. Talk about a statement bag.

Jessica Dang

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