No Frills, Just Thrills

The past few seasons lingerie designers provided frills and sexy pieces in candy-colored pastels. Damaris Evans tied up panties with a back bow detail; FrenchFrost‘s multicolor panties with ribbons were as inventive as the wild fashion shows staged by the duo; and, Agent Provocateur‘s retro-inspired collections indulged the fantasies of any sexy vixen. Today, a new breed of designers are creating undergarments with fine craftsmanship, utilitarian details, and a bit of wit. Lingerie shaped with a tomboyish figure in mind, rather than a curvy siren. In the fall runway shows, British stylist Victoria Bartlett and her partner Jeffrey Costello took references from the ’40s, ’50s, and the free spirit of the ’60s to create VPL, Visible Panty Line, a utilitarian lingerie collection that’s antiseptic yet wicked. The colors are a blend of cosmetic tones with ironic accents of emergency room red and hospital green. The packaging is incredible, and details include a pocket for your lipstick, tampon, or money. Jean Yu designs a collection of ready-to-wear and lingerie at her shop 3+7 = 1 at 37 Crosby St. The entire collection is based on custom pieces with craftsmanship and design that withstands the fads of the moment. Yu’s creations are based on a pure line aesthetic, with fabrics that drape beautifully against the female form, discreet details, and make-up colors for understated timeless pieces. Jean Yu isn’t about following trends, but this time she’s at the beginning of one.

- Jenny Moda
Photo: Jean Yu lingerie

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