Nooka Launches New Items At Den

Matthew Waldman, creative director of Nooka, has always been intrigued by new ways of viewing time, using a practical aesthetic that emphasizes more than mere functionality. Now that the central component of the brand is taking on a life of its own, Nooka is expanding beyond watches, launching a line of belts, organizers and a fragrance.

Debuting at Odin’s pop-up shop Den, (a 350-square-foot concept boutique in the East Village) Nooka’s new items join designers Karen Walker, Tim Hamilton, Rag & Bone and Richard Chai, which have been featured in this space in past months. As of this past weekend, Den will be open to the public as the first retail space to offer the entire range of Nooka pieces—sold under the name “Time. Scent. Space”—until August 16.

Also breaking new ground, Nooka’s new fragrance, “The Future Distilled,” is part of a range called Beyond Common Scents. Bottled in a gem cap glass cut bottle, Waldman explains: “I don’t want to dictate to people what is a masculine and what is a feminine scent. If a man wears it then it’s masculine. If a woman wears it then it’s feminine!” It’s this kind of aesthetic accessibility that has made Nooka such a beloved and fast-growing company.

—Retna Wooller