Norma Kamali Heads Back To School With Walmart

Norma Kamali, a fashion designer known for innovative designs such as the iconic sleeping bag coat, has now designed a collection of $35 suits for Walmart in an ambitious mass merchant-meets-fashion designer initiative. As with her earlier partnerships with big names such as Everlast and Spiegel, this range is offered at lower price points than her namesake Norma Kamali Collection, and is thereby available to a wider audience. As Kamali puts it: “This venture with Walmart allows me to think out of the box, with new ideas, practicality and price.”

Kamali believes it is vitally important to empower people on a budget so they can look good and feel good. “My dream has been to promote self esteem for women and wellness for the entire family, she states. In this new partnership with Walmart, Kamali will do just that, offering a self-esteem boost to her biggest audience yet: style-conscious people on a budget. Kamali feels passionately about the plan, believing she can reach more people and affect more lives than in any other way.

With public school teachers in mind, Kamali’s crusade comes from the heart. She wants to use the power of dress for a higher purpose, believing that if teachers do away with their “casual” attitude and attire, choosing instead to dress up for the classroom, then students will pick up on the importance of their educational experience. Based on this principle, Kamali set out to build an economical, attractive and complete wardrobe that emphasizes “timeless style” over the whimsy of fashion.

The designer claims the pieces will look “of-the-moment,” but will still work five years from now, while each season will see a new store selection based on the time of year and the most appropriate fabrics, colors and styles. As Kamali puts it: “My goal is to reach women who deserve, but have not been able to wear designer clothing—including my own!”

The collection is currently available at more than 400 Walmart stores nation-wide and online at

—Candice Rafferty

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