Nude Beach Photoshoot

Yesterday, I tagged along to a Gatsby magazine shoot with a 6am call time. This was a bit of a challenge since i only had a brief nap after staying out till 5am celebrating a friend’s birthday. I knew it would be worth the early rise however because the shoot was at Reserva, one of my favorite beaches in Rio where there’s a nude beach and I love to tan and swim in the nude. It was a small crew of us that including the photographer Marc Gysin, Stefan Hottinger-Behmer, Lynda Real, Godfrey Deeney, models, art director and stylist. I was able to get some work done by writing long hand in my notepad (this is not the place you want Internet connection), but mostly it was about a sunrise run on the beach, a kid like exploration of the flora and fauna, and nude suntanning for the first half of the day before attending Fashion Rio. Take a look at some of the photos.

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