On Our Radar: Jewelry Designers To Watch

With menswear and minimalism leading two of the fall season’s biggest trends, a few eye-catching statement pieces are key for the cooling months ahead. So outfit yourself with items from our favorite three new jewelry designers—they’re all guaranteed to add color, kick and whimsy to just about any ensemble. Just be prepared for the inevitable “where did you get that?” query.

Korean-born, New York City-based artist Miyeon Lee’s minimalist color paintings belie the bold intricacy of her jewelry line, Little M. Using materials like grosgrain and silk ribbon, knit braid or metallic scroll trim and rayon cord, Lee fashions sculptural, multi-hued, multi-textured bracelets and necklaces. The composition suggests the illusion of movement, and the pieces themselves are playful and light, snaking around the wrist or fully unfurled as neck pieces. The materials Lee incorporates are simple, but the designer’s keen eye for detail is readily apparent in the complex final product.

Former ThreeasFour intern and Otis College of Art grad Heather Goldberg’s Shadowplay is similarly intricate yet decidedly more ephemeral. Handmade in Goldberg’s L.A. studio, the line incorporates natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton, silk and cashmere with Swarovski crystals and black silver. Inspired by space, oceanic structures, spiderwebs (and presumably its namesake Joy Division song) the line tempers light with luxe. Reminiscent of Rodarte knits, the one-of-a-kind pieces defy the “craft-y” label by virtue of their sophisticated workmanship. That, and you probably won’t find anything like this on Etsy.

Like Goldberg, Amanda Assad Mounser clocked time under the tutelage of others prior to striking out on her own. Before launching Assad Mounser two seasons ago, the designer worked for Moschino and Alejandro Ingelmo. Featuring bronzed metal, lava rock, turquoise and crystals, Assad Mounser’s latest collection is an boho luxe homage to excess. Spiked, chained or encrusted with beads, the pieces suggest a rough ‘n’ ready glamour. Whereas spring/summer ’10 took its design cues from the gods of glam rock, this season is inspired by the women behind them: Jerry Hall, Angela Bowie and Bianca Jagger. Should fall’s ’50s housewife trend wear thin, any of these ladies would of course make an excellent foil.

There is one comment on On Our Radar: Jewelry Designers To Watch:

  1. i find the work of all three designers beautiful and interesting but your comment
    “That, and you probably won’t find anything like this on Etsy.” is unfortunate to say the least.

  2. the third bracelet is HOT!! or is it a necklace??? a necklace like wwould be nice as well…and yeah completely agree with maslinda that the sentence about etsy is a bit unfortunate, but then again probably true!

    nice post!

    miss scarlet

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