On the Edge Luxury

Artists, designers, and websites are helping to redefine our notions of luxury and luxury shopping by utilizing both the newest
technology and traditional modes of manufacturing. It may be a credit-card-breaking experience, but it’ll surely lift your

First is the very exciting launch of the AMO/PRADA prototypes collection, which showcases 24 pieces selected by Miuccia Prada herself. The clothes are catwalk originals (which means only the most waif-like are advised to bid) as well as some items
made specifically for auction. AMO is the think tank responsible for some of the latest PRADA and Miu Miu shows, as well as exhibitions of PRADA pieces in Tokyo, New York, and Shanghai.

Also hotly anticipated is ARMREVOLUTION, a men’s accessories label that is about to launch itself into the international market. The sugary name belies the structured,
minimal design of its deconstructed cuff links (or "arm architecture," as they put it). The results are fabulous, chunky,
masculine pieces, which are as much a slice of jewelry as they are a formal-wear necessity.

London-based Pokit already has a massive following in Japan, and is set to grow across the rest of the world in the coming season. Its no-nonsense
approach to luxury tailoring and bespoke men’s clothing is both refreshing and intelligent. A perfectly proportioned combination
of tradition and high fashion (their zipped travel wallets are reminiscent of Comme des Garçons’ famous purses, and the Northampton-made
"Horace" brogues are granddad-chic to a T) has resulted in a bespoke service with a relaxed, luxurious, and contemporary feel.

On the street, Vision Street Wear has teamed up with skate artist Bernie Tostenson to design a range of canvas slip-ons that are a million sartorial miles away from other ubiquitous styles. For guys, the
"El Rumble" can serve as a reminder of the summer’s festivals, with its line-drawing design of a mosh pit. (Much more tasteful
than wearing your wristbands until November.) For women, the Mexican-folk-art-inspired "Cali Skull" design is a great goth-y
compromise if the Depeche Mode comeback is seeming a bit too literal this fall.

Whether it’s street or formal, though, there is a massive shift underway in terms of how we view luxury. Better web design
and faster connections mean we can shop, network, and play online, and new manufacturing processes mean that our expectations
of clothes, jewelry, and accessories are becoming ever more demanding. The selection above is just a sample of a what’s out
there — in fact, there’s enough coming this season alone to keep you occupied until next spring.
-Alex Butt

AMO/PRADA screenshot
Pokit shoes
Vision Street Wear with Bernie Tostenson

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