Oscars Drama, Vegan Pumps, Live Tweeting, Operas And Piano

Jason Campbell

One would think that since the date for Oscars had been fixed for months, those in the business of dressing attendees would finalize those looks far in advance of the event. But somehow, the styling always goes to the eleventh hour and this year the fires kept coming till the last client got in their limousine. It was all about getting the right shoes, jewelry and trouble shooting a wardrobe malfunction.

Finding a pair of super fly Oscars-worthy pumps proved elusive this year since the pair I was in love with from Stella McCartney were eight inches high and my vegan client feared she would topple over. Top quality, fashion forward, vegan shoes are virtually impossible to find If Stella doesn’t make them. So if I can offer one piece of advice to designers, it’s that there is a neglected audience of consumers demanding non-leather accessories—dig deeper to find skins alternative. Jewelry was another issue this year, not for a dearth of stunning baubles but because I needed 3 different sets per client depending on the final look we decided on. In one case after holding on to millions of dollars worth of jewels from several vendors, the client decided to go with her own set of emeralds when the zipper of her first choice custom made dress broke.

It all came together in the end, clients were happy and the looks were solid. The awards ceremony was generally a flat affair with equally uninspired fashions that provided gristle for my live tweeting during the ceremony. I like Zoe Saldana’s dress and thought Queen Latifah was really well pulled together. She showed that you could dress fabulous no matter what size you are. It took me the better part of the week to rebound and now I’m back in the trenches of producing editorials, synthesizing the Fall 2010 collections, and conceiving next quarter’s Trend Report. With minimalism in the air, I’m fascinated by the cultural implications of the trend (more to come on that).

The events in Hollywood are constant. After lying low for over a week, this past weekend, I was invited to a benefit at private home in the Hollywood Hills to support building schools and temples in Israel. The fantastic Vietnamese pianist Chan-Giang Thi Nguyen played along with a gifted group of opera singers from Domingo-Thornton Young Artists program, performing bits of La Boheme and Don Gionanni “Finch’han dal vino.” The salon like event was full of Hollywood power brokers and fashion folks such as Loree Rodkin and Pamela Skaist-Levy of Juicy Couture. The event reminded me that I’ve neglected to explore the cultural side of Los Angeles. In the coming months, I plan to attend LA Philharmonic and LA Opera. I’ve already started to beef up on my opera exposure by listening to the Dallas Opera soundtrack all last night en route from New York to Santa Catarina, Brazil where I’m spending the weekend.

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