P.A.M.: Street Savvy Down Under

Though Shauna T and Mischa Hollenback originally only knew of one another as fellow street artists, their inevitable meeting marked the beginning of P.A.M., a Melbourne-based design collective. Named for the acronym of their street monikers—Perks and Mini, respectively—P.A.M. has grown into an influential cultural beacon.

Teaming up with the best of the creative industry, the Aussie duo produce music, art and fashion, having worked with the likes of Deanne Cheuk, 2 many DJs, Fergadelic and Genevieve Gauckler. P.A.M’s printed t-shirts and crazed graphics have also caught the eye those that live in Tokyo’s discerning Shibuya neighborhood as well as Londoners, New Yorkers and all cities in between. Their store-in-store in Parco features posters, travel cushions and badges along with their signature graphic infused t-shirts and a collection of shirt dresses, plaid button down one-pieces and low riding trousers.

For more information, see www.perksandmini.com.

—Retna Wooler

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