PARTIES: Stella McCartney’s New Tokyo Boutique

Stella Mccartney was in Tokyo to celebrate the opening of her new Aoyama boutique (to complement her recent Ginza stand-alone shop) last Monday, and topped it off with a bash at the infamous Trump Room with a select group of revelers. They waited patiently while sipping on champagne, and being treated to a pole dance performance (all the rage at parties in Tokyo nowadays) until the Queen of the night finally made her appearance. It was then that the crowd swarmed around Stella, phone cameras and official snaps flashing in unison. She seemed rather perplexed and overwhelmed, and only managed to stay for a short stint from the band before hightailing it out of there, nixing her scheduled speech. The few fans that got their picture with her should count themselves lucky. Maybe rockstar ‘tude isn`t in the blood?

Misha Janette

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