Peter Pilotto Trots Out On Jerome Rousseau’s Shoes

Meghan Cleary

After being featured on the same page in the August 2008 issue of UK Vogue, Peter Pilotto and design partner Christopher van Dos met up with shoe designer Jerome Rousseau in Paris. The trio found an immediate synergy, resulting in a bespoke shoe collection that caused quite a stir at this past London Fashion Week.

Working together for six months, the three designers collaborated on a unique shoe offering to pair with Pilotto’s autumn/winter ’09 creations. Inspired by the contrast of the feminine and the animal, the short and the long, the patterned and the plain, Rousseau’s collection of shoes highlighted the luxurious, yet rough mohair of the Pilotto line, adding exquisitely soft black calf, grey suede and pewter metallic trims into the mix.

Short booties reminiscent of horse hooves grounded the runway with a visceral look, while over-the-knee patchwork boots made a major impact on the silhouette, providing a deeply textured foundation for Pilotto’s refined floral prints, delicate beading and sensuous draping. Buyers clamored for the unique looks, so look out for this gutsy footwear in forward thinking venues come fall.

—Meghan Cleary