Pointer Puts Comfort Back In Footwear

Nothing makes a day drag like a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Unless, of course, you’re wearing a pair of Pointer kicks. This London footwear label prioritizes comfort, creating fun, quality shoes that can be worn with anything and won’t put you through pedal pain.

Using graphically colourful contrasts to amp up a leather plimsole design, or create a sueded red ankle bootie with soft leather sole, Pointer is all about keeping up style without following trends. The company’s tag line claims “Pointer just wants to play,” and they succeed in making feet happy by not sacrificing quality.

Pointer is fast becoming an alternative answer to big name sneaker brands. Based out of London’s East End, Pointer is available online, and in stores. The current collection is fantastic, but we can’t wait until the spring/summer ’09 line is revealed in the coming weeks.

For more information, see www.pointerfootwear.com.

—Retna Wooller

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