Private Shopping At EDIT, JC On Television, Pitti Imagine,Livestreaming Jefferson Hack

Jason Campbell

The strange slipping away of time is a big topic of conversation among my friends who are new to Los Angeles. For such a slow city, the days melt away at an alarming rate. And if you have a relatively busy schedule as I do, you sneeze and it’s another weekend. This is one reason for my absence from this column for the last couple weeks, but in truth there are many exciting events in the planning that have demanded my attention and time.

In a previous post, I hinted at an upcoming-curated shopping event this spring. Well, the event has taken shape in the form of EDIT, a private shopping/press day on May 4th at the Red Bull space in New York. EDIT is collaboration between JC Report and Matt Meyerson of Expose, the boutique tradeshow and will comprise approximately fifteen brands that we’ve curated from across the globe. It’s a highly specialized event that’ll cater to my affluent private client base and their friends who are increasingly demanding of harder-to-find-products from all corners of the globe. I’ve delivered on that demand with products coming from Lenny in Brazil, Bea Valdes from the Philippines and Italian based Pauric Sweeney and lots more.

I’m headed to NYC tomorrow to produce EDIT but meanwhile here in Los Angeles other projects are afoot. I’m constantly harangued for not having more of a TV profile. Friends and colleagues insist that I’m tailor-made for television and that I should have a presence commenting on the dos and donts, ins and outs, etc. I agree that this kind of venue suits me but I’m not one to try to try to kick down the doors of networks in Hollywood. Which is why it was so fantastic for one of the daily news program to contact me regarding a profile on my wardrobe therapy sessions. I shot the segment last week and it was extremely fun and while I can’t announce the name of the show and when it’ll air, you’ll be the first to know when I can reveal that info…. it’ll be very soon.

On another front, it’s been a few years since I’ve attended Pitti Immagine but this year I’ll be back in Florence for the tradeshow that I decided years ago has the most handsomely dressed men in the world. JC Report is planning a special broadcast from from Pitti in June where Haider Ackermann and Jil Sander will have a special showcase. And with a live streaming interview between Business of Fashion’s Imran Amed and Jefferson Hack planned for April 29th and will stream on JCR, my hands have been full.

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