Putting Your Best Foot Forward With SWIMS

Natural elements can put a damper on fashionable footwear—there’s nothing worse than stepping out only to be confronted by rain, snow or mud. Thankfully, Norwegian brand SWIMS offers an upscale twist to the standard galosh, meaning you’ll never be constrained by bad weather again.

The brand’s plastic footwear covers are inspired by the shape of classic men’s tuxedo shoes, while packing in plenty of modern, innovative and all-weather technology. Extra traction on the soles, a lined interior and a shock absorbing heel make this must-have accessory a step beyond grandpa’s old pair. And with a unique rubber compound, the elasticity ensures the covers will fit any shoe shape and still have tear resistance to boot. Packaged in a handy carrying case, SWIMS come in various styles: the Classic and the ankle-high Mobster models for men, and the Ms. SWIMS Ballerina for women, while the selection of colors ranges from black to canary yellow.

Founded by Norway-raised Johan R., the idea for the revamped overshoe was a mix between his childhood love for rainy day footwear and his transition to fashionable metropolises—he attended Parsons School of Design in New York and later in Paris. After ruining multiple pairs of nice shoes, Johan harkened back to his Norwegian roots to create a nouveau galosh that has since garnered accolades across the board from The Cool Hunter to Norwegian Elle and Ferner Jacobson’s owner Carl Christian Ferner. And any loyal Wellies lover will feel as though their beloved boots are a bit cumbersome after seeing SWIMS’ edgy ad campaign.

Available for purchase online, the stylish selection is perfectly priced from €60-80. And with an accessories line that includes foul weather gear such as umbrellas, it’s easy to see why SWIMS is singing every time it rains.

For more information, visit www.swims.com.

—Kyle Landman

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