Raf Simons Tears Up Tokyo

Raf Simons’ two flagships boutiques opened in Tokyo and Osaka back in
September, but he only just made it to the island nation’s capital to
celebrate. Amid the eager fans and well-wishers, JC Report grabbed a few moments with Simons, who told us about his stores’ layouts, as well as his own lifestyle essentials and industrial design inspirations.

JC Report: What do you think about your shop, and tonight?

Raf Simons: It’s great! At first I was concerned that it wasn’t as big as the Osaka store, but I love these big windows that look over the main street here. And it’s quite crowded tonight! Nice to see everyone

JCR: If you had to leave Earth for life in outer space, what would you bring with you?

RS: The birth of cloth. Art. And Friends. And family—could I bring four?

JCR: If you had a free moment in Tokyo, what would you do first?

RS: I’d go to the George Nakashima store. You know, I was trained in industrial design, and he is amazing. He’s passed away now, but
his designs—mostly wood—are so strong but unpretentious. Unlike some other designers now…his work is just so classic and everlasting.
Actually I just came from his shop—it’s why I’m late!

This interview was conducted by Misha Janette.

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