Recession? Not in Brazil

I touched down in Rio yesterday, a little worst for wear after getting an average of three hours sleep each night in Florianópolis. After the huge success of Claro Rio, I’m curious to see how this week at Fashion Rio is going to play out—now that it’s not the only act in town. I took it easy on the shows yesterday, instead working to set up several interviews to hash out issues such as the New Media force and the US/Brazil trade agreement.

Another subject that really interests me is how the global economic crisis is affecting the region. I’ve been asking my network and the consensus is that it hasn’t hit here quite yet. For instance: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, encouraged the masses to go out and spend during the holiday season. Apparently people did, resulting in increased sales over last year. Now that’s a story we’re not hearing very often these days.

More to come on the fashion front from Brazil.

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