Retail Watch: Destination Shop Offers A New Type Of Destination

As part of Amsterdam Fashion Week, Destination Shop is presenting an installation by art director Thomas Voorn and jewelry designer Martine Viergever called I Want That…, which runs through July 26th. Owner Robert Risteski describes the installation as “putting fashion and art close together, creating a new reality and inspiring visitors with a fresh approach towards a shopping experience.”

Customers will use Voorn’s installation to check themselves out as they look and try on pieces from Viergever. “Martine and Thomas had worked together on look books and I did like what was happening also in their individual work. I liked the idea of creating something together, to get their universes crossing each other,” explains Risteski. Working in conjunction with Amsterdam Fashion Week means these artists and Destination Shop will become a location of choice for people following the trends set throughout this city of canals.

Since opening last year, Destination Shop has become a major meeting place for young artists as well as up-and-coming designers. In addition to its edgy clientele, the store also holds a bevvy of sought after labels such as Iceland’s MUNDI, Transylvania’s Rozalb de Mura and the UK’s Ostwald Helgason.

Shop address: Weteringstraat 46H, 1017 SP Amsterdam

—Retna Wooller