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Rolling Stones Turn Zen?

Or just Buddhist? The Rolling Stones prove their bleeding edge quotient is still fully intact with their new collaboration with the two year old fiercely underground label Buddhist Punk. Known for their distressed meets hardscrabble T-shirt designs, Buddhist Punk came up with an exclusive line for Mick and Keith for the stage, a line specifically for retail outlets and classic rock tour t-shirts for the Rolling Stones 2002-2003 world tour. The label plundered the Stones archive, and incorporated their punk sensibility to join images of those infamous lips across sweatshirts. Keith appears as Che Guevera. Mick is in rock star mode, adorned with scrawling handwritten lyrics over hand-screened tanks and t-shirts as well as baseball shirts adorned with a coat of arms that include the flags of both the US and UK. Skull and bones distressed sweats are slated for later this season as well. Iconic rock star symbols never looked so fresh.

- By Meghan Cleary

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