Rumble in the jungle

As black cultures continue to engage the world, (Jamaica, hip hop, et al) and ignite the senses, Zafer Design searches the motherland for the next wave of trends. Trolling Africa with a bird’s eye view of all that is fashion-forward, Zafer is bringing the world another Africa-one who’s face is not genocide or starvation but rather a lifestyle aesthetic represented by objects and experiences. Artisanal craft pieces for the home and body, exquisite safari dinners or Jeremy Healy spinning tunes beachside, Zafer Design is planning to bring all that is chic and African to the forefront of fashion while contributing back to the indigenous people who make it all possible. Diesel recently put a modern face on the culture in a campaign depicting frolicking young Africans but not since Mohammed Ali set foot on the continent has Africa looked so inviting.

- Meghan Cleary
Photo : Zafer Design Foot Stool

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