Runyon Canyon, Navel Piercings, Malibu

Since I returned from South Africa, I’ve been trying to get my energy back. It’s been depleted from one month of non-stop travel to different time zones and while I don’t usually have problems bouncing back, this last round of LA, NY, Buenos Aires, Rio and Johannesburg wrecked me. For the next couple months, I will resist all travel invitations to stay in Los Angeles till the New York collections in September. Part of acclimating to the LA involves taking regular hikes to Runyon canyon, which I managed to do 3 times in the last few days. You really get a sense of how important fitness (and nature) is to Los Angelenos by the teeming number of people you see at any given time, huffing and puffing up and down the mountain. But even on the trails where it really is not about fashion; the alarming number of shirtless men, showing of their navel piercings, violates my senses. That’s one of those trends, that when it ended (and it did), the world (men specifically) should have ceremoniously, unplugged their little nuggets and moved on. Anyway, the Runyon hike isn’t about bithcy musings, it’s emerged as one of the clear benefits of living in LA.

One of the profiles I’m currently working is a series of interviews with Los Angeles based designers to gather their impression about living and working here. On Friday, I went to Jerome Rousseau’s studio in Beachwood canyon. I love the idea of discussing fashion with the cactus and canyon as backdrop. For the next month, the series will take me all over the city and I look forward to assessing how different or alike the work set up is here from elsewhere. One of the other benefits of staying in LA is the proximity of the beach to the city. For July 4th, I headed to Malibu to my friend Ann’s house for a beachside day, watching the power lesbians play touch football and sipping on margaritas with salt.

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