Ruthie Davis' Heel Heaven

Ruthie Davis has worked with companies from Reebok to Ugg Australia, but she’s now stepping forward with her own line of show stopping footwear. A self-taught shoe designer, Davis shows pride in her creations by wearing her own designs everyday and writing about footwear on her blog.

Her geometric leatherwork and studded heels display Davis’ love of futurism, giving each pair an edgy feel that is at once sexy and sophisticated. Dedicated to the notion that the “woman wearing the shoe makes the shoe,” Davis keeps her clients’ comfort, confidence and assertiveness at the forefront of her design ethos.

“There is a part of me in every design, whether it be my own line or Reebok or Uggs. It was so fascinating to learn about the sports aspects of shoes at Reebok, and then the trend aspects of Uggs. But my line is now 100% Ruthie,” she explains.

Using shiny treated leathers, patents and metallics from Italy, Davis’ shoes stand out with their custom hardware and use of stainless steel, Lucite and titanium. Of this unique approach, she notes: “I love taking risks, and pushing what a traditional heel looks like.”

For Fall 2008 Davis mixed patent leather, wood, nuts, screws and velvet. Her towering creations have even caught the attention of Beyoncé, who dons a pair in her “If I Were a Boy” video.

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—Retna Wooler

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