Samia Malik Brings the Veil into Focus

IHTGWSamia Malik’s label IHTGW—short for “I Have to Get Work”—is a response to the way capitalism has structured our daily lives. Raised in a multi-cultural neighborhood in West London, Malik grew up surrounded by different religions, languages and cultures but found social unity in the city’s growing music scene before studying design at Central Saint Martins. For her latest, “Collection 1,” Malik explored the theme of parallel diversity more closely by examining Islamic dress codes and integration in society.

As part of her research, Malik looked at the way modern Muslim women wore the Hijab and how the dress returned to prominence in recent years. She emphasizes that fashion IHTGWand religious conservatism are not incompatible, but are instead a reflection of a woman’s choice to portray herself in a way befitting both her stylistic and spiritual outlook. “More women seem to be adopting the Hijab as their way of dress,” she notes, “but at the same time some of them try to preserve the image of a woman who enjoys consumption of the latest disposable trends.”

Malik’s designs are difficult to describe without sounding unorthodox, but each piece stands for something more than clothing. “It’s about integration,” she explains, “different types of people surviving next to each other.” Malik has continued to expand upon her original focus of interest with a number of streetwear-based collections, IHTGWfocusing on t-shirts, sweat tops and hooded tops, while finding new ways to integrate her politically and socially charged concepts.

Photographer: Andrej Vasilenko
Make Up Artist: Amy Conley
Models: Lauren Munisamy, Savita Shukla, Nerea Carrion Sanchis

There is one comment on Samia Malik Brings the Veil into Focus:

  1. It is difficult imagining a ‘fashion’ conversation about the Hijab or Burka with actual religious conservatives, who feel it is the dictates of God which determines their dress. There’s little point arguing with God apparently, even though it is men who enforce these sexist rules. Strangely, God doesn’t do much enforcing.
    Give me Walter van Bierendonk’s ‘Penis Burka’!

  2. SUGU ARUL IS A CON MAN! I am glad you realized this. M.I.A Barely knows what he does, he is broke and worthless. I know this because I intern for an LA based record Label. He is always trying to get free favors and doesn’t do shit in return. We all laugh at him now.
    He is a BIG joke in the music scene around here. I don’t know much about fashion, but your stuff is dope! dont let people like that steal your wallet and ideas! peace.

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