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Seasonal Makeup Trends for 2015

Geoffrey Rodriguez

Beauty has never been more relevant in terms of significant seasons, and as the sun comes out, the flowers bloom, the rain falls or the leaves change, not only do the trends in fashion evolve within that time of year, but our makeup wear as well. From barely there beauty to bold and impactful, here are 4 popular beauty breakthroughs to look for within each season of the 2015 year. 


Designers took everyone’s favorite red lip this spring and gave it an update by starting off darker in the center and gradually go lighter as you move out to the corners. After all, what woman doesn’t feel sexy in a bold red lip?



Don’t be afraid to make a statement when it comes to eyes this Summer from bright eye shadow colours to extreme winged looks.



Although unexpected this fall, makeup artists have been getting messy with mascara, purposely making it look like it’s been smudged. Let the mascara wand touch the upper and lower skin eyelids then simply smudge it with a cotton swab to add intensity to the eye.



Put away that classic dark lip for something a little bit unpredicted. Nude orange matte lips. The evolution of winter makeup has flipped a 360 moving closer to the brighter side this winter.


–Geoffrey Rodriguez


Twitter/Instagram: @grbeauty

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