Seductively French: Parisian Life At Your Fingertips

In what seems like an overnight transformation, Arizona-based husband and wife team Jason and Slavica Monczka have shifted from “home-builders” to “lifestyle bloggers” thanks to the instantaneous success of Seductively French. With Slavica’s interior design and art background as the voice of the blog, Seductively French channels all that’s exotic and alluring about French society.

As a well-traveled pair, Slavica and Jason have always observed the differences between cultures, but while a recent trip to Paris for Slavica’s birthday ignited her passion for the Parisian lifestyle. Captivated by everything from the artistry of the food to conversational openness to the local sense of style and simplicity, she recognized what many fellow francophiles have also realized: “the French live such seductive lives!” Rather than abandoning the whimsy of Paris to cherished memories, however, Slavica decided to launch a blog dedicated to emulating that oft-romanticized lifestyle. And thus Seductively French was born.

Slavica has carefully curated the site to help individuals learn how to live like the French with “deliberate thought of fine and exquisite craft.” Featuring a rundown of the top ten ways in which to be “Seductively French,” Slavica has created a quintessential must-do list for imitating Parisian culture—all the way down to matching your lingerie sets. Like-minded lifestyle enthusiasts flock to the blog for glimpses of ravishing interiors and avant-garde fashion as well as inspirational anecdotes and photography. And the editorial world has taken notice: Slavica has been asked to regularly contribute to six international publications along with major interviews and a coffee table book in the works.

Thanks to the ever-expanding blogosphere galaxy, the world feels like a smaller place every day. Even the most superior magazines couldn’t compete with Seductively French’s modern take on a lifestyle delivered and dissected at your door. Let’s just say it has a certain je ne sais quoi. Seductively French lavishes readers with all the fruits of Parisian life—and you don’t have to venture beyond your computer to live it, be it and own it.

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