Sekihara Select

There’s never a lack of new designer talent to check out during Paris fashion week. The challenge is in deciding which exotically named collection to fit into your schedule. At a Marais furniture showroom, JC Report had the privilege to discover Japanese designer Manoru Sekihara’s mistitled Naïve collection. Perfectly tailored 60′s silhouetted coats and jackets, chicly opposing fabric combinations including gauze, felt, wool, silk jersey, satin and muslin turned out in a thoughtful color palette of powdered pink, dove gray and soft blues marked a debut showing steeped in eastern and western influences. Contemporary art by way of the construction/deconstruction games from Italian designer Celori and polka dots in the work of artist Jayoi Kusama anchored Sekihara’s use of delicately architectural detailing. Unique features such as graduated buttons and buckles, origami pleating techniques, Day-Glo plastic rings and the sewing of small strips of material on top of one another to create a strudel effect assisted in defining a truly singular language-Sekihara maybe the latest name to join the ranks of the Kawakubos, Watanbes and Yamamotos.

- Jason Campbell
Photo: Sekihara Fall 2003

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