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Skye Parrott

Some things I love for the summer are handmade sandals (I just got a new pair in Paris, but my favorite ones are made by an old guy in Capri); Un Jardin en Mediterranee perfume by Hermès; dresses with pockets (my favorites this year have come from A.P.C. and Steven Alan); and good, local food (I belong to the Park Slope Food Co-op, but the farmers’ markets are a good alternative too). The Whitney has some amazing shows going right now—Buckminster Fuller and the Mapplethorpe polaroids—both of which I’m excited to see, and the Jeu de Paume in Paris has an Avedon show that I’d love to see as well. My favorite thing about summer is traveling—this year I’ll be going to Northern California and the Oregon coast. I love the energy of the city, but, especially when it’s hot, I try to to get out whenever I can.

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