Spin Your Own Style

Spinning Jewelry and Scandinavian designer Lina Mørk’s collaborative effort, Spinning Rings, is a refreshingly unusual collection that’s twisting the jewelry world around. The rings are designed to easily fit together and work in various combinations, creating endless variations镄tempting the wearer to turn the chameleon collection into something personal.

“Our passion is to challenge ourselves and the market,” says Mørk, which is just what the avant-garde line is doing. From hearts to flowers, diamonds, precious stones and pearls, the rings have an aesthetic that’s truly unique and distinctive. These seemingly limitless combinations let you alter your jewelry to suit your individual outfit, accessories or mood.

The collection includes ten diamond rings, fifteen gold rings and over sixty sterling silver rings. Choose your own combo or select from themed looks such as Thinking Of You, Winter Break, Always On My Mind and A Girl’s Best Friend. For Mørk, the vision is simple: “It’s my idea of individualism, that every women has a small designer in herself—that she wants to express herself and show the world who she is and what she can create.”

Spinning Rings are available in both a thin and maxi band, and come in sizes XXS–XL. Be sure to check out the new range of rings debuting in September, but for now go online to www.spinningjewelry.dk for more info.

—Candice Rafferty