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Sun Protection and Self Tanning

Geoffrey Rodriguez

As much as a deep golden suntan is highly glorified, the harsh realities of sun damage are for the most part irreversible. While recent studies have concluded that regular exposure to the sun does in fact increase the body’s production of vitamin D, as well as aiding in lowering high blood pressure, a sun-burn is certainly not worth the potential risk and is put quite simply – not chic! It’s definitely not too late to protect your skin with the right products this summer, or year round for that matter. Maintaining that perfect golden bronze glow is no problem either. In this issue of Beauty Guru we focus on the very best in sun-care and self-tanning products.


Coola Organic Suncare – (

In the ever expanding and highly competitive world of sun care salves it’s rather challenging to find an effective product that contains organic ingredients. Impressively, Coola Organic Suncare products are formulated with an unprecedented 70 – 97% certified organic ingredients. From the innovative plant and mineral based formulations and much more, Coola addresses virtually every sun care need. Offering a wide selection of products that are nourishing, protective, and above all, good for your skin and  the environment. Coola is at the top of our list of favorite sun-care products.


Supergoop! (

In all of our rather extensive research, fewer sun care products have continuously performed as well or felt as weightless on the skin as Supergoop! Sunscreen. Since first discovering the brand, Supergoop! has evolved into a full range of technically advanced skincare solutions that address a multitude of needs. Unique antioxidant infused formulations  provide a full spectrum UV protection and leave the skin feeling thoroughly nourished and hydrated. Our top selections are the ultra-fine Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mists with Vitamin C.


Tantasia Jane Iredale – (

Avoiding harmful sun rays doesn’t mean sacrificing a rich golden glow. Jane Iredale’s Tantasia is one of our top selections for a subtle, realistic looking tan. This incredible dual purpose self-tanner and bronzing gel leaves a warm, natural looking glow and is full of nourishing ingredients, all with a lovely, refreshing, citrus scent. Also check out Jane’s Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain for a sheer, natural sun-kissed sheen.


Verabella (

One of Beverly Hills’ top destination facial spas is Verabella. Founded by renowned facialist, Vera Kantor, Verabella maintains a reputation for providing some of the best facial treatments around. The spa also offers their own range of highly effective skincare products. At the top of our list for daily sun protection is Verabella’s Cucumber Aloe Moisture Sunscreen SPF 45. This ultra-light, refreshing formula is perfect during the warm summer months, nourishing for the complexion year round, and so weightless it’s the ideal formula to wear under foundation.


Xen Tan (

Recognized for delivering the most realistic looking, olive toned suntan, Xen-Tan combines innovative ingredients with advanced technology to offer an extensive range of sunless tanning products for the face and body. All of which are guaranteed to create, enhance or maintain that perfect golden tan. Xen-Tan results are thoroughly effective on everyone from fair complexions to even the most tan obsessed people. And there’s no unpleasant odor or residual unattractive fake orange glow! We love the Deluxe Tanning Mitt, which keeps hands clean when applying self tanner as well as the Scent Secure Gold – a tinted moisturizer with 24k gold leaf. Xen-Tan receives our highest ratings for sunless tanning innovation and for their incredible selection of products.

Geoffrey Rodriguez

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