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Having produced art for record label Warp, noodle bar Wagamama and Japanese animation company Manga Entertainment, Paul Nicholson is well versed in producing iconic work for everything from music to food. So when he founded Terratag in 2002, Paul created a label that allowed him to do everything he couldn’t for his other projects.

Terratag creates analog and digital artwork over various media, including canvas, paper prints, postcards, t-shirts and sweats. Using Japanese pop culture and electronica music as a reference, Paul’s designs move between the eye-catching and the totally ridiculous, with each work bordering on genius. As the first Westerner invited to collaborate with Japanese studio Production IG, working on the television series Ghost in the Shell, it seems Terratag appreciation extends beyond those that work wonders with a computer console.

Earlier this year, the first Terratag flagship store opened in London’s East End, on the notoriously fashion-head favored Brick Lane. Between vintage clothing boutiques, free-trade coffee houses and chic hair salons, Terratag’s digital-inspired designs in the window will be hard to miss.

Shop address: 188 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA
Telephone: 020.7739.1770

—Retna Wooller

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