Tailor Made For The Modern Woman

While the contemporary market may no longer seem synonymous with fashion’s haute couture, Georgia-born designer Demna Gvasalia is proving the cynics wrong. Spinning made-to-measure everyday luxe, Gvasalia’s collection DEMNA is breathing new life into an old world craft.

The debut spring/summer ’09 presentation incorporates hand stitching, constructive patterns to the shoulder pieces of crisp blouses as well as hand tailored finishing on the collection’s silks, denims and synthetics. Sleek black jumpsuits and colorful boots punctuate the extremely wearable range of items while more commercial pieces such as a classic, wide black skirt embellished with a front zipper make the collection accessible to all.

Inspired by the idea of merging high fashion crafts and techniques with a contemporary wardrobe, Gvasalia claims his pieces are the combination of a couture black dress with a contemporary wardrobe. “The significant part is that the feeling of quality and detail has faded in my opinion,” Gvasalia said. “Minds are hypnotized by mass productive products and we forgot the value of craft. The value of craft can become approachable again by reinterpreting it into our ‘modern’ wardrobes.”

After graduating with honours from Antwerp Royal Academy’s Fashion Department in 2006, Gvasalia launched a Japanese limited edition line of womenswear and menswear pieces titled STEREOTYPES, which was based around the concept of stereotypical clothing. Gvasalia is now satisfied with having his own collection and enjoys setting his own work hours. The designer is currently busy producing his sophomore autumn/winter ’09 collection and is gearing up for the March presentation in Paris. With a line that exudes elegance and high quality, we’re sure Gvasalia’s latest venture into womenswear will be a thoroughly modern success.

The line is available upon request from the designer. For more information, contact the designer directly at demna@gvasalia.com.

—Kyle Landman

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