Take A Bow: Nathan Jenden Eyewear

Nathan Jenden wants you to look bow-dacious. The talented young designer has yet again wowed us with his ingenious and forward thinking designs through the launch of a fabulous new sunglass collection. Taking cues from the ever-iconic bow, his exclusive five-piece collection boasts a highly conceptual, avant-garde line of eyewear geared toward the fashionably chic and the playful at heart.

Known for his fresh, clean and somewhat intellectual design aesthetic, Jenden draws inspiration from a diverse pool of sources; he cites Mozart, M.I.A. and masquerades as some of the driving forces behind this collection. These unusual muses give his designs a unique positionality, creating a clever mixture of old and new.

“I think that when most people wear sunglasses it’s to mask their faces and to give them an air of mystery,” Jenden observes. “I started with the concept of masquerade and made it modern.” With this in mind, Jenden’s collection plays with the timeless bow shape to create highly graphic, glamorous looks. Relying on a classic color palette of black, pink and white, each piece is infused with a sophisticated sensibility and loads of unexpected details. With names such as “Bowdacious,” “Ghetto Princess,” “La Freak,” “Miss Demeanour” and “Dominatrix,” each pair exudes its own unique and explosive personality that sets a strong and upfront tone.

The resulting aesthetic is a perfect palimpsest of edgy attitude and frothy femininity—at once embracing the classic silhouette while introducing modern interpretations and embellishments. These opulently sculptural frames are definitely top-notch statement pieces that will give any outfit a delicious dose of well-intentioned personal style.

—Tala Bouzarjomehri

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