Tamburlaine Takes Off

You may not recognize his name, but you’ve probably unknowingly come across, or even worn, Tamburlaine Gorst’s designs. With more than 20 years of experience in the business—most notably as head designer for Kenzo Homme in Paris—the London-based designer recently launched the sensational menswear brand, Tamburlaine, which will showcase its second collection in Milan and Paris this coming January.

Tamburlaine’s sumptuous line has an air of casual, soft workmanship about it. Gorst says his influences come from the vanguard of early 20th century tailoring, with an underlying element of conceptual art and militarism. The designer prides himself on meticulously cutting and shaping all his pieces, which are renowned for their use of tough fabrics that have been lightly “beaten up” for a slightly ragged feel.

If you like your clothing to assume an understated tone that belies complex, yet subtle design features, then you really must check out Tamburlaine’s full range. We particularly adore his denim jacket with faux gunshot holes and his resin-coated waistcoat and military trousers. Fashionistas should inspect his parachute cotton trouser with side adjusters and paper-cotton biker jacket. Though the collection is currently only available to Londoners, Muscovites and Tokyoians, but we’re crossing our fingers other stockists open up soon.

—Candice Rafferty

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