Tasty Tees

Tasty Tees is the fashion/art brainchild of Tobias Crabtree and Chris Murray. The college friends formed Tasty Tees out of a desire to develop and nurture art beyond the corporate confines, relying entirely on Crabtree’s business know-how and Murray’s art connections.

Every month, the duo print 1000 cotton blend tees with a design by an undiscovered artist. Profits from each tee are used to breathe life into the next month’s creation, as well as to support the artist involved. The remaining profits go to charity foundation Reaching to Embrace Arts, which provides art supplies for under-funded inner-city schools around New York City.

This month, Tasty Tee is exposing the work of Dutch artist Lotte Klaver. Using Indian black ink against canvas, Klaver’s swift but soft brush strokes form enchanting characters—in this case, an octopus—that suit the label’s aesthetic and will delight savvy urban dressers everywhere.

For more information, see www.tastytshirt.com.

—Retna Wooller

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