Technology Made Simple: A Holiday Shopping Guide

Finding the perfect gadget can often prove to be a daunting task. When faced with a tech-savvy loved one who seems to have it all, how do you find the right gift? Whether you’re already gadget crazy or still getting used to the idea of the internet, this holiday season is all about technology that makes your life easier—just sit back and relax as we give you our thoughtful roundup of the chicest, coolest and most useful gadgets this season has to offer.

For the musically inclined, there are loads of cool gadgets and accessories that will enhance your listening experience. The nostalgically cool Lego Stereo Dock from Pylones, for instance, comes in a variety of fun colors and simply attaches to your ipod to become a compact, wire-free stereo system. Or, if you’re looking for more private audio, the temperature treated acoustic steel and titanium AirJax headphones by Atomic Floyd are the perfect choice for obtaining sharp sound quality without damaging your hearing. Another surefire favorite is the miShare, a tiny, ingenious device that lets you share files wirelessly between ipods—just plug it in, click and transfer!

If you’re a tried and true photo-buff, then these image-oriented finds are up your alley. TOMY‘s new Xiao TIP-521 Digital Camera is the perfect pick for anyone still mourning the death of Polaroids. The camera comes with a built-in zero-ink (zink) printer that allows you to immediately print and enjoy your digital snapshots. More adventurous types will go crazy for the Olympus Stylus 1059 SW waterproof camera, which is not only weather resistant and shock proof, but also comes with tap control, face detection and microSD adapter. While you’re at it, grab a Flipbac angle viewfinder for your camera—the sleek device attaches to your camera, enabling you to snap those hard to take shots from an easy, comfortable position. Meanwhile, the Firebox USB Negative Scanner scans your old film negatives and turns them into workable digital photos—perfect for preserving those old (and perhaps forgotten) memories.

If these familiar devices still haven’t done the trick, then Violet’s amazing high-tech devices will. The Mir:ror, for example, uses RFID technology to animate and connect your non-internet objects, while the Nabaztag (“smart rabbit”) is a forward thinking, interactive little gadget that allows you to bring a piece of the internet into your every day reality. Another innovative invention is Firebox’s Pocket Cinema is a sleek, pocket size device with a built in stereo and a lens that can project a 50×50 inch screen wherever you go. If you really want to impress, we suggest pulling out the big guns with the T-Mobile G1 cell phone. The phone harnesses Google’s new, highly anticipated Android technology, which makes using search engines (and the internet in general) much easier and quicker than any other on the market.

—Tala Bouzarjomehri

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