Tell Us a Story About Your Clothes!

Jason Campbell

As chroniclers of trends, we know that one habit which never goes out of style is an individual’s desire to hold onto items with special meaning. Every closet contains an article of clothing or an accessory that holds an exclusive memory—and we want you to tell us the stories behind these pieces.

For a JC Report Special Project, we’re calling on our readers to submit a 25 to 200-word essay about a something in your wardrobe that has or has had special significance in your life.  Why is that outfit important to you? Why is it still in your closet or holding a special place in your mental record?  These are some of the questions we’d like answered in your essay.

Some outfits/clothing examples: a Jil Sander pant suit that always commanded the courtroom during your legal eagle days; a dress that you wore on New Year’s Eve a decade ago which seemed to stop time; a hoodie that you’ve worn more times than anything else in your wardrobe—not that anyone’s counting. Share an image of the look—a photo, a sketch or maybe something we haven’t thought of—and please email them to

We look forward to hearing your personal stories. Deadline:  August 31, 2010.

There is one comment on Tell Us a Story About Your Clothes!:

  1. HOMESITE CLOTHING EXCHANGE is an ongoing public participatory art project by Lauren M. Kasmer where participants tell the story about about a wearable that they are willing to trade for anothers’ contribution. The clothing rack of “exchanges”, the photo documention of the articles accompanied by their story tags all become part of the ever changing art piece and installations. Sometimes we just altered what someone is wearing with a one of a kind labels. HOMESITE is a not for profit creative collaboration begun in 1992, by Joyce Dallal and Lauren M. Kasmer making appearances in shopping malls, cafes, theaters, art centers and public galleries.

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