The Beautiful People Of Florianopolis

Since living back in New York, I’ve spent the last two Christmas and New Years in the City. It was never an option to stay home during this period when I lived in Paris. And I like it better that way. Getaways seemed to just happen and it was a given that at the end of the year, you’d find yourself somewhere, usually warm for me, far away from home. I’ve written about my holiday trips in recent years to Sydney, Havana, Buenos Aires, and Bangkok. But like everyone else, this year I couldn’t ignore the economic crisis and thought it best to stay put especially since my usual January trip to Brazil loomed. I wouldn’t be totally deprived of sun and tropical setting.

Today I’m leaving for Florianopolis in the Southern region of Brazil. People keep telling me that the area produces an unusually high concentration of beautiful people, more so than in other parts of Brazil. I don’t know how’s that possible considering the saturation of beauty I’ve seen in other regions of country, but I will find out soon enough. Friends have been inviting me to Florianopolis for years but I couldn’t schedule it before. This year though, I carved out a few days before attending Fashion Rio next week, to check out the province with a growing reputation as chic party central for the international jetset. I’ll be reporting on this social side of Florianopolis: the parties, the DJ, the models and, of course the word on the local fashion scene. I’m also going to be filming loads with my Flip recorder so check in for the word (and visuals) from the land of the beautiful people.

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