The Little Chinatown Collab That Could

Adidas’ latest sneaker collaboration, the Top Sala CSC, is the story of a ragtag group of soccer-loving cultural players taking their vision from a series of impromptu pick-up games to the global stage.

When Adidas launched the “Adi Cup” in New York back in 2002, inviting a host of art, fashion and design kids to compete in a soccer tournament, a group of artists, photographers, designers, writers and skaters lead by co-founding member Ryan McGinness came together to form an impromptu team. After a series of early-morning soccer practices amidst dozing drunks and Tai Chi-practicing locals, the Chinatown Soccer Club was born.

Now 5+ years later, the CSC and Adidas have come together to create a premier lifestyle soccer boot, which will be available at select stores worldwide, including Colette in Paris and sneaker-freaker outlet Dave’s Quality Meat here in New York. The sleek black, red and gold kicks come in a snappy, custom-designed box along with a special booklet featuring photography from CSC members Peter Sutherland and Gerhard Stochl as well as musings from local writer Laijon Liu. If you were as obsessed as we were with watching the recent European Cup, the time is ripe to slip on a pair of Top Sala CSCs and remember how real football is played.

—Anastasia Vye

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