The New Language of Cashmere

For the cashmere connisseur, this fabric holds a special, very personal significance in a way that perhaps only fur or vicuna (for those lucky enough to own a piece) can. A bit like your favorite blankie as a child. And to that end, two relatively new cashmere companies of the super luxe variety are trading on a very personalized message that’s all grown-up. Lutz&Patmos, a New York-based label from Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos is defined by a plain but precious marketing concept — "simple but special, modern but comfortable, familiar but unique" — and delivers the pieces to back it up. Self-described purveyors of "no five minute trends and no classic twinsets," they’ve identified a new energized audience for their yummy infinity scarves and city-themed groupings of "perfect fit" staples designed to last "for years not seasons." Juniper&Jasper from Los Angeles-based Geoffrey Rodriguez take a holistic approach to his to-die-for, ultra-plush weaves through a powerful color association, basing their line entirely on the colors of the 7 chakras. Chocolate brown, pinks, citrus and cool blues mixed together in splendid harmony that eerily but comfortingly soothes the senses on sight. Cashmere, the adult blankie?

Photo: Juniper&Jasper Fall 2002
Photo credit: Brad Fierce

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